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Gadgets to look out for in 2017

By Jesica Slabbert - Apr 15, 2017
Gadgets to look out for in 2017

Technology is forever expanding, reaching heights that many people would have thought impossible not too long ago.

As technology expands, so do the amount of gadgets that can be created. There are a number of new and innovative gadgets that are made and launched every year; some of them eventually become part of people’s daily lives.

Want to keep track of what gadgets are hot? Here is a list of the most popular gadgets to keep an eye on in 2017:

  1. Hybrid Watches

Much like the new Apple Watches that have been rising in popularity, Hybrid Watches are becoming a noticeable trend. It’s basically like having a tiny phone on your wrist, allowing notifications and messages to come through so that you can access them easier, they can also track your sleeping patterns and have built in pedometers. This item will leave you feeling like James Bond on a secret mission when taking and making phone calls. Check out RNEWS’s review of a Smart Watch here.

  1. The PlayStation VR

A brand new device and member of the PlayStation 4 family, you can finally immerse yourself in your gaming experience with PlayStation’s own Virtual Reality headset. Not only can you visually immerse yourself in your game, the devices 3D audio lets you perceive sounds that are coming from any direction. This new addition to the gaming experience has quickly become a popular gadget among gamers. Check out RNEWS’s review of a Virtual Reality headset here.

  1. Drones

It’s no surprise really to see drones on this list, with more and more people owning them every day. New models are constantly coming out and each with newer and more interesting features. Drones, those with cameras at least, allow users to get a bird’s eye view of your city by using either a remote or your own mobile devices.  It’s also fun to fly them around and test your aviation skills in the neighbourhood. Check out RNEWS’s review of a mini drone here.

  1. Hover boards

Taking a tip from the popular Segway devices, the Hoverboard is a new, fun way of moving around short distances. Made in the same design as a Segway, the big difference is that the only way you can stay upright on this device is to have good balance. The device can move in whatever direction you choose, and some even have neon lights installed for an added effect.

  1. Fitness bands

This gadget is more for fitness enthusiasts and those focussed on staying in shape. Fitness bands work similarly to pedometers and count your steps for the day. Depending on the type of band you have, some can even measure your sleeping patterns and how many calories you have burned off during the day. You can set goals for the band to keep track of and even connect them to your phone to keep track of notifications and calls when you don’t have your phone on hand. Check out RNEW’s review of a Fitness Band here.

  1. GoPro Camera

When it comes to innovations with photos and videos, none have stood out quite as much as the GoPro. With the ability to take video of sports in any condition, be it snow or under water, GoPro cameras have almost no limit to what they can do. The fun part of the GoPro is that you have no idea what kind of footage you might get.