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Gambling And Betting Act Amendment Bill Tabled In Bhisho

Oct 2, 2014
Gambling And Betting Act Amendment Bill Tabled In Bhisho

Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism MEC Sakhumzi Somyo has tabled the Gambling and Betting Act Amendment Bill in the Bhisho Legislature.

One of the major provision of the legislation is to extend the period of a casino license from the current “not shorter than five years” to 20 years.

The White Paper that formed the basis for the Amendment Bill noted that 20 years would “not only ensure viable enterprises but is in line with best practices elsewhere in South Africa.

The Memorandum to the Bill explains that the amendment is necessary “to ensure a favourable and sustainable socio-economic, developmental and economic enterprises.

A further amendment concerns the change of the current name of the licensing authority from the Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board (ECGBB) to the Eastern Cape Gambling Board.

The ban on dog racing is retained in the Amendment Bill but a further proviso is added with regard to people attending such events.
The amended clause states that if the case of any prosecution for an offence “any person who without lawful reason was present at the dog race course shall be deemed to have attended such dog race”.

The Bill also contains amendments to bring the provincial legislation in line with the National Gambling Act that takes precedence.
In addition, it provides for “certain technological developments” that have taken place since the original Act came into effect.

The aim of the amendments is “to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the Board and to ensure proper regulation of gambling activities in the Eastern Cape”.

The Bill has been referred to the Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism for discussion and possible amendment. - MetroMinutes