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Gangsters handed lengthy jail terms for drive-by shooting that targeted rival gang

Nov 3, 2017
Gangsters handed lengthy jail terms for drive-by shooting that targeted rival gang

Alleged gang affiliates, 43-year-old Jacques Moses and 27-year-old Jermaine De Souza, will be spending many years behind bars after they were convicted and sentenced for attempted murder by the Port Elizabeth Regional Court following a drive-by shooting incident that occurred in 2011. 

"On 13 August 2011, members of a rival gang were on the pavement in Stag Street, in Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth, when a vehicle drove by. 

"The two accused fired shots from the vehicle at the group," said police spokesperson, Colonel Priscilla Naidu.

"One person was struck in his hand. A person from the group returned fire and a person inside the vehicle was also shot."

She said that within half an hour after the incident, Moses was arrested at a local hospital and a firearm and dagga were found in the vehicle.

A week later, De Souza was arrested in Gelvandale.

Both accused were sentenced as follows: Jacques Moses: Attempted murder – 15 years; illegal possession of firearm – 8 years; illegal possession of ammunition – 18 months and possession of dagga – 2 years suspended for 5 years.

"Effectively he will serve a sentence of 24.5 years imprisonment," described Colonel Naidu.

De Souza will serve an effective 10 years imprisonment for attempted murder. Both accused are members of the Upstand Dogs.

The Cluster Commander for Mount Road Cluster, Major General Funeka Siganga, has hailed these sentences and has commended  the Provincial Gang Investigation Unit including the prosecuting authority for  these sentences.

She added that "the sentencing was as a result of an inter-grated approach by the different units within the criminal justice system. It is with pride that we see our members work extremely hard to remove criminals from our streets and to ensure safety of our citizens. 

"We will continue in our quest to rid  these criminals from society especially gangs who are endangering the lives of many law abiding citizens in the Northern areas."