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Geeks assemble! Comic Con is coming to South Africa!

By Jesica Slabbert - Feb 20, 2018
Geeks assemble! Comic Con is coming to South Africa!

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, we can agree that everyone loves comic books. What was once something only considered for geeks and nerds has now exploded thanks to recent attention in mainstream media (Thank you Marvel and Big Bang Theory!).

Sadly though we here on the African continent might have a deep love for comics, this is not the place they are usually considered popular. The best our country has to offer when it comes to finding and buying comics is at conventions and geek gatherings.

While SA is no stranger to these events, thanks to conventions such as FanCon and Con.ect, we still don’t have anything close to an official Comic Con…

Until now!

Reed Exhibitions, the company behind New York Comic Con, has announced it will launch Comic Con Africa in partnership with Telkom’s VS Gaming.

The event will be held at the Kyalami International Convention Centre in Johannesburg on 14-16 September 2018.

Comic Con Africa will feature traditional pop culture celebrations, such as the promotion of new series and movies, comic books, anime, manga, and panel discussions with local and international celebrities, said Reed Exhibitions Africa.

The show will also feature a cosplay competition, and VS Gaming announced it will run eSports competitions under its DGL brand at the event. They will also have workshops, panel discussions and autograph sessions with local and international guests

Reed Exhibitions Africa also confirmed it will bring Nolan North and Troy Baker, voice actors in the video game industry, to the event. It is also in discussions with members of the Game of Thrones cast, and The Big Bang Theory.