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Geeks go wild at Con.ect 2016!

Geeks go wild at Con.ect 2016!

The atmosphere was electric with cosplayers meeting up and fellow geeks meeting their favourite costumed superheroes, or villain’s and getting their photos taken with them.

Janelle Vermaak, the main organiser of the event, said that she was very happy with the turnout and is hoping this will bring even more success for Con.ect’s future.

“I am so happy with the way that this turned out, I’m so excited about how many people came. I’m happy about our wonderful vendors and our sponsors, everything just went so well. I’m just so excited for Con.ect’s future.” said Janelle to Rnews.


More people than expected had shown up to be a part of Con.ect, and even more signed up for the Cosplay Masquerade and Competition than expected. With such a great turnout the hope for next years’ Con.ect to be even better is very likely.

“On average we are looking at a total of about 1500 people, which is double what we had last year. I feel that even though we met our attendance requirements, I think based on the vibe of the event and the excitement and the general atmosphere, it was just so exciting, people loved it,” she said.


After such a huge success this year, and many more vendors wanting to participate next year, Con.ect can only keep growing and getting better and better, with more cosplayers and who knows what else?!

“We had a fantastic turnout for the cosplay competition and there were some amazing outfits,” she said.

Con.ect was surely and unforgettable experience and it’s so sad knowing it’s over, but next year is sure to bring more excitement and fun for everyone.


If you want to know more about Con.ect 2016 and what went on, or what could be in store for next year, check out their Facebook page for even more pictures and details.

“Con.ect 2017 is going to be a convention to remember. I think this one already is a convention to remember, but let’s look forward to Con.ect 2017 where we are now going to learn from this event and try to fix things and make them better so that Con.ect 2017 is absolutely amazing.”