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Gender Commission outraged at the rape, abuse of 29 boys

May 14, 2018
Gender Commission outraged at the rape, abuse of 29 boys

The Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) over the weekend said that it has noted with outrage and disgust at media reports alleging that 29 boys were raped and physically violated. 

A 34-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the rape of a nine-year-old boy at a bogus sports academy in Soweto. It’s alleged the boys aged between nine and eighteen were abused for months.

"The Commission strongly condemn such a scandalous and cruel act against boys that looked up to their alleged perpetrator for their upkeep and support whilst pursuing their soccer dreams," said Spokesperson, Javu Baloyi.

"The alleged perpetrator not only must he be brought to book; a stiff sentence and the longest jail-term must be imposed. He and all the men monsters must be on the paedophile register, never allowed to work with children ever again."

Baloyi said that the Commission said that believes that the rape and abuse of boys is often not spoken about as it should be.

"The Commission is of the view that we should as society speak constantly against the rape and physical abuse of the boy child. Failing to do so may ultimately create young men who will be abusers and rapists themselves.

"The Commission believes that we need to deal with patriarchal mentality that discourages boys from speaking out even in difficult matters for fear of being labelled as weaklings or lesser of boys. It is therefore necessary to demystify the notion that boys do not cry or show emotions even in difficult situations. This will help boys to reach out. As parents we must listen and be supportive not judgemental," he said.

"The Commission urges parents to be vigilant about such academies by ensuring that they establish their true bona fides. The Commission is also making a clarion call to the parents to constantly engage with their own boys so as to establish for themselves the goings in these academies so as to raise alarm bells timeous should they discover that something is amiss."

He added that pursuant of a dream should not come at a cost of someone being raped or abused.

"It is therefore prudent to make our boy child understands that in achieving something in life, that should not come at the expense of their happiness and also being raped or abused."

The Commission for Gender Equality has called upon the Department of Sports and Recreation to fully investigate these soccer academies to ensure that they are not used as places of any violation.

"We are also appealing to the Department of Social Development to assist with the counselling of the.  The CGE is calling for the immediate closure of the academy and everyone associated with it should be investigated," Baloyi added.

"The Commission as part of its mandate will be monitoring this case so to ensure that there is justice. We also calling on the Judicial to speed up the prosecution in this matter so that the boys can find closure and seek the necessary help."