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Gender diversity within Mazars Port Elizabeth

By Ilse Claasen - Audit Manager, Mazars PE - Aug 3, 2018
Gender diversity within Mazars Port Elizabeth

Background of gender diversity

Gender diversity continues to be a problem worldwide. Currently less than 20% of company directors are females. According to Statistics South Africa (2017), the population of South Africa consist of approximately 51% of females and only 44% of these females fill skilled positions (the latter includes managers).

When comparing this information to the workforce profile of Mazars Port Elizabeth, it is evident that the firm is very gender diverse. Currently 3 out of the 7 partners and 8 out of the 12 managers within the firm are female. Therefore, 58% of the people in management positions within the firm are female.

The percentage of female leaders within the firm is higher than the statistics of the 44% of females in skilled positions as mentioned by Statistics South Africa (2017). Most of the trainee accountants in our firm are also females and therefore we are doing our part in developing the future female leaders.

My personal experience and feelings of gender diversity at Mazars Port Elizabeth

As a manager in the audit department, I don’t feel that I’m discriminated against because I am a female. Taking my experience and qualifications into account, all my comments, suggestions and work performed are evaluated on the face value of the work required from any audit manager within the firm.

As a female manager I feel that I display more empathy with the staff that I manage as I can relate easier to their problems and situations that they are facing.   Due to this staff approach me easier about the problems that they are encountering whereby we then look for a solution together.

The salaries that staff receive are based on the principle of equal pay for the equal value of work and are also dependent on work experience as well as qualifications and never based on gender.

In recent years I have seen the firm’s partners place more importance on the work life balance of staff, for example, by implementing flexible working hours. This flexibility assists the staff greatly that have children and if you need to attend to a personal problem, you can do so with the knowledge that the firm trusts that you will complete your required work.

In conclusion, being a female leader I encourage the growth of future female leader which I believe Mazars Port Elizabeth assists in doing. As mentioned before, I feel that gender diversity in the firm is evident and that all staff are encouraged to reach their full potential whether they are male or female.