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George Fire Brigade launched a brand new fire truck

Dec 6, 2016
George Fire Brigade launched a brand new fire truck

George Fire Brigade with the Executive Mayor of George, Aldm Melvin Naik, other Councillors and officials launched a brand new fire engine - that will be used to combat big fires and emergencies.

It was launched at the George Fire Brigade Services in George.

Aldm Naik said in his address this fire engine is the only one of its sort in the Eden district because it was made with specific detail. He said though the George Fire Brigade has too little personnel and equipment and has a lot of challenges the Municipality are making headway in ensuring that we address these issues.

He thanked the fire brigade for their hard work. Naik also thanked Ramcom, who assembled the truck and the current Speaker, Cllr Iona Kritzinger, the previous Portfolio Councillor for Community Safety who made the truck a reality. “It is a master piece”, he said.

Cllr Cecil Noble, current Portfolio Councillor for Community Safety, said “we celebrate the arrival of this masterpiece that will render a super service to the citizens of George. We also honour our dedicated employees for their valuable contribution to safeguard our communities.

The vehicle costs R 3,2 million and can hold 4 000 litres of water and 400 litres of foam .The Double cap Man chassis was build in Austria for fire fighting. The sub assembly was built by Ramcom and was fitted with a Godiva 3850 l/minute pump. 
The subassembly was designed so that it could be used for fire fighting and rescue purposes. It is also fitted with a 4 metre telescopic light and a roof monitor of that can disperse 3800l/min.

The pumper is also fitted with the latest e-hydraulic rescue tools for motor car accidents. With the new fire engine the George Fire Brigade boasts a fleet of two major fire pumpers, one medium pumper, two water pumpers, one skid unit cruiser and one veld/forest pumper.

Mr Brandon Woolley of Ramcom said it was an honour and privilege to build this truck. “We enjoyed the challenge and are very proud to hand it to George Municipality.

According to Neels Barnard, Fire Chief of George, it was so much easier to tweak specifications because Ramcom is around the corner. He said the truck is a fire truck as well as a rescue truck. The truck has excellent lighting, equipment and pump system. He said he is proud is have this truck at George Fire Brigade after 29 years of service at George Fire Brigade.

Image: Mayor Melvin Naik, Councillors and municipal officials receive the keys for a brand new fire engine launched at George Fire Brigade from Ramcom.