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George Junior City Council enjoy bus ride on Women's Day

Aug 15, 2017
George Junior City Council enjoy bus ride on Women's Day

Several members of the George Junior City Council will remember Women's Day 2017 as the day of their first GO GEORGE bus ride.

The youngsters planned a community outreach on this special day saluting the women of South Africa, and decided to hop on a bus to the Rosemoor Service Centre for the Elderly. Here they treated the ladies to a song and a dance, followed by tea, coffee and cupcakes.

The junior council members were most impressed with the George Transport Hub in the CBD and of course, like most first-time visitors, the impressive passenger statue made from scrap metal, where photos are always being taken.

During the bus trip, Tyron Jeyi, GO GEORGE community liaison officer, shared interesting information about the bus service with the council members and enjoyed the type of questions they asked.

One young lady wanted to know whether any babies had been born on a GO GEORGE bus yet. Unfortunately, Tyron had to admit that nothing that exciting had happened on the buses yet.

Image: It was an honour to be photographed with the eldest member living at the Rosemoor Service Centre, Aunt Sophie du Preez, aged 96. With her are, from the left, Melissa Vorster, Junior Mayor, and Karen Lamberts and Tyron Jeyi of GO GEORGE who accompanied the Junior City Council on the bus.