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George Mayor holds Emergency Funds function

George Mayor holds Emergency Funds function

Emergency funding was handed to 14 different organizations during a ceremony in George. The funding was handed by Councillor Charles Standers, the Executive Mayor of George and employees from the Community Development - Subsection of Community Services.

Service organizations of George get the opportunity to apply for a grant in terms of the George Municipality’s agreement. Councillor Standers said that the council is willing to help within the respective limits and requested that the grant be used in a productive way in order to uplift the community.

57 organizations applied and 20 of those applications were approved. Standers said that the George council has a vision for George and faith in the future of the community.

“We have a vision for all communities in our city and the local government is the key to a better life for our people. This better life is only possible when the local government become visionaries to create an environment of caring, safety and inclusiveness of our inhabitants in a well-managed way for the creation of jobs,” said Councillor Standers.

“I am proud to say that the Department of Community Development of the George Municipality can donate R90 000 to the organizations who represent welfare, education, sport and all other uplifting services in the broader George area,” he added.

Councillor Marchell Kleynhans, Portfolio Member of the Community Development, said that the council cannot uplift the community alone and that they need the help of the local organizations in order to succeed. He specifically mentioned crèches and community organizations whose support has been immeasurable.

The organizations that had received help are: Super Stars voetbalklub, Social Empowerment for Economic Development, Siembamba Speelgroep, Nosapho Joja, Eden Development Agency, Zamuxolo crèche, Nceduluntu Babycare, Masizakhe Service Centre, Sonstraal crèche, Pacaltsdorp Pigeon Racing Club, Siembamba crèche, Sakhingomso crèche, Lawaaikamp crèche en Seven Passes Initiative

Image:Councillors, employees and representatives from the respective organizations who received emergency funds from the George Municipality.