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George Municipal Licencing Department extends service hours

APRIL 24, 2017

The George Municipal Licencing Department is pleased to announce that the organisation will extend its service hours to accommodate people who need to renew their motor vehicle licenses, that is the car license that expires annually and for which vehicle owners get 21 days’ grace to make a payment.

No other services will be offered on these specific dates.

The Saturday dates have been scheduled with the public’s needs taken into consideration, at month-end and before the expiry of the 21 day grace period.

The Licencing Department located in Hibernia street will open on the following Saturdays from 07:30 to 13:00:

6 and 20 May; 3 and 24 June; 1 and 22 July: 5 and 19 August; 2 and 16 September; 7 and 21 October; 4 and 18 November; 2 December

We would once again like to make Georgians aware of the FICA regulations that are currently in operation and appeal to vehicle owners to contact the George Traffic (licensing department) if they are unsure of what documentation they need for specific transactions.

The FiCA process is the verification of personal and address in terms of Regulation 32A of the National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000 (FICA). It is national law that motorists must verify all personal and address with any motor vehicle or driving license transaction.

This follows the promulgation of regulation 32A of the National Road Traffic Regulations (NRTR) on 31 October 2015.

What this means is that any person or body of persons (companies or organisations) must submit proof of full names, identity or business number and residential and postal address before any registering authority can issue a motor vehicle license disc or operator card. If any person has not gone through the FICA process, there is a clerk available at the motor vehicle licensing department to assist you with this.

Because of the many different scenarios associated with the registering and re-reregistering of vehicles we urge vehicle owners to contact the licensing department on 044 801 9310.

Here are a few guidelines on what to bring with when renewing your motor vehicle license:

  • In person with identity document, passport, traffic register (original or copy)
  • Proof of address as for Fica purposes
  • The necessary finances

When somebody else comes in to renew the license on behalf of the owner of the vehicle:

  • Authorisation letter stating the registration number and the authorization of the person doing the transaction (the person’s full names)
  • In the case of a married couple, a spouse doing the transaction can bring their marriage certificate and this will be sufficient prove as permission.


  • In the case of husband and wife, a marriage certificate is acceptable as evidence to confirm the relationship between the two residents.
  • Fica is being done annually and proof of addresses should be served at each renewal.

The new regulations will require each person to provide proof of (full names and identity number) and residential and postal addresses for verification when there is a change of person or change of address or with the first application that is being made for a NaTIS service at a registering authority or driving license testing centre.

List of Proof Documents:

  • Proof of Full Names and Identity or Business Number and Verification Documents
  • Temporary RSA identity certificate,
  • RSA identity document,
  • RSA identity card,
  • Valid RSA passport,
  • Foreign country identity document,
  • Traffic Register Number (TRN) certificate issued by NaTIS in terms of the National Road Traffic Act if the TRN for a private individual must be accompanied by a valid source document in the form of an unexpired Refugee ID (BI-1707),
  • foreign passport,
  • work permit or study permit,
  • Certificate of incorporation or name change of a company
  • Founding statement or certificate of name change of a close corporation.

Proof of address verification documents are:

  • Utility account (Water, Electricity, Sewerage or Refuse Removal),
  • Bank / Financial statement,
  • Municipal rates and taxes invoice,
  • Telephone account (landline or cell phone account),
  • Official correspondence from South African Revenue Services (SARS),
  • Correspondence from a Body Corporate or Share-Block Association,
  • Retail store statement of account / invoice,
  • Letter from the administration department for applicants living in any type of residence (e.g. a hostel or barracks),
  • Letter with an official date stamp from the educational Institution, or the residence, hostel or boarding house confirming student residence,
  • Letter with an official date stamp from the Ward Councillor or Local Tribal Authority confirming the postal and residential address for an applicant who resides at an informal settlement or rural area,
  • A mortgage statement from a Financial Institution,
  • A lease agreement (signed by both parties),
  • An official tax return / tax assessment,
  • A recent short-term or long term insurance policy document or renewal letter,
  • A valid television license document

The George Traffic Department office hours are from 08:00 - 15:00 at the DRIVING LICENCE TESTING CENTRE in Mission Street, Pacaltsdorp.  All members of the public present in the building before 15h00 will be able to complete their transactions.

At the Motor Vehicle Registration offices, next to the George Train Station in Hibernia Street, the office hours are from 8:00 to 15:30. (On Wednesdays the opening time is 8:30 for compulsory internal training of e-Natis transactions). Both offices operate during lunch hour. Please contact 044 801 9310 for further information.