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George Municipality competes in green competitions  to help the environment

Aug 7, 2017
George Municipality competes in green competitions  to help the environment

The Greenest Municipality Competition is linked to global and national environmental initiatives and aims to promote improved service delivery that restores community pride and commitment to caring for the living environment.

The Cleanest Town Competition was initiated in 2001 with primary focus on implementing the National Waste Management Strategy. Although the competition was successful in achieving its primary objectives, sustainable development strategies implemented such as the National Framework for Sustainable Development required that the competition be expanded to include further local government functions.

The competition was subsequently named the Greenest Municipality competition (GMC) and was extended to include the following elements, Waste Management, Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Biodiversity Management, Coastal Management & Urban Beautification, Water Management & Conservation, Air Quality Management, Leadership, Compliance, Institutional Arrangement & Public Participation.

These types of competitions assist George Municipality to adhere our strategic goal of keeping George clean, safe and green.The Competition runs on an annual basis and the winners are announced at an Award Ceremony where the prize money is proportionally allocated to the winning Municipalities.

The winners at a Provincial level are entered into the National Greenest Municipality Competition as are all the Metropolitan Municipalities across the country.

George Municipality also participates in  the Eco-Logic Awards. This competition was created to enable and assist the consumer to participate in looking after our planet, through the conscious use of their consumer spending power. Every product or service purchased by a consumer has an environmental impact!

George Municipal Awards for the Greenest Municipality and Eco- Logic Competitions are:

2011: Champion- for the Greenest Municipality Competition in the Western Cape

2011: 2nd Runner-up- for the Greenest Municipality Competition in the Western Cape

2011: Cleanest town- for the Greenest Municipality Competition in the Western Cape

2013: Award winner for the Eco-Logic Awards (Municipal Category)

2014: Eco-Logic Awards (Municipal Category)-Merit Certificate

2015: Certificate of Recognition as well as a Certificate of outstanding achievement: Most improved for Leadership, Compliance, Institutional Arrangement & Public Participation and Certificate of Outstanding Achievement: Innovation Project (The Go-George Public Transport Project)

2016/2017: Eco-Logic Awards (Municipal Category)-Merit Certificate

Mr Walter Hendricks, Director: Community Services, urges the public to make use of the blue bags to recycle items. The Municipality wants to curb unlawful dumping and is doing its best to decrease the costs of  transporting household waste to landfill sites. Recycling creates job opportunities, saves energy and water.

Illegal dumping costs the municipality thousands to remove waste from open spaces in neighbourhoods and these funds could be used for more deserving matters in the communities.

Garden waste can be placed in black bags. Dead animals should rather be buried and not dumped on rubbish heaps or put into refuse bags. Households are permitted to put out a maximum of seven black bags at one time. The bags must also not be too heavy to handle. Items that cannot be placed in black bags must unfortunately be taken to the transfer station by the owners themselves.

The public can contact the offices to request blue bags or more information at 82 Meade Street, George or on 044 802 2900.