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George Municipality Fire Brigade brings fires under control

AUGUST 12, 2016
George Municipality Fire Brigade brings fires under control

The George Municipality Fire Brigade on Friday confirmed that all of the fires fought Thursday have been brought under control, apart from a couple of hot spots in Hoekwil on Serpentine Road and in Heatherlands, Plantation Road where Cape Pine officials were working on hotspots there earlier this morning.

Municipal Manager, Trevor Botha warmly thanked the  approximately 80 officials from various organisations who were involved in the mammoth task of controlling the fires yesterday, under extreme  conditions with the wind causing chaos.

A total of 27 fires were reported yesterday and attended to by the George Fire Brigade with the assistance of Eden District Fire Services, Cape Pine, Cape Nature, Working on Fire and the NSRI.

Neels Barnard of the George Fire Brigade who co-ordinated activities said that the fire fighters have been overwhelmed by an outpouring of well-wishes from the general public and business fraternity who have called in to the George Fire Department with literally crates of fruit, sandwiches, chocolates and offers of assistance.

In order to ensure that nothing goes to waste , some of this gratefully received food has been re-donated to the Syferfontein crèche.