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George Municipality held its annual Wellness Day

May 3, 2016
George Municipality held its annual Wellness Day

George Municipality is committed through the Employee Wellness Programme to improve the morale of their employees. The aim of the programme is to foster social responsibility and thereby enable employees to have empathy with people experiencing certain illnesses and disabilities. The employees of George Municipality have the responsibility to enjoy healthy lives and support each other in creating an environment where people can support on each other in times of need.

“The intention is to educate our employees in all areas of life in order to have detailed knowledge of living healthy and having empathy with people who suffers in certain areas, and also encourage them to live healthy lives,” said Chrystal Spies, a HR Officer (EAP).

Twenty One Service Providers took part in the awareness and servicing of employees.  Services ranged from Financial Wellness by Insurance Companies, Services by Medical Aids, awareness services by Banks, Healthy Diets and Fitness, Eye Care by Optometrists, Awareness regarding Cancer and Substance Abuse as well as Awareness by an Occupational Psychologist.  The Department of Health was present to do health tests and the Western Province Blood Transfusion did blood type tests.  More than 220 employees attended the event.  The event was well attended and supported.  The Service Providers had lucky draws and 10 employees each won a gift to further awareness.

The day was opened by Past. Benito Botha in a word of prayer and scripture.  Thereafter the employees could visit the different stalls and gain valuable information of all kinds of wellness.  We hope to improve the wellness day in 2017. 

Two of the newcomers who had stalls at the George Civic, Main Hall were the Occupational Psychologist, Ms Rochelle Jacobs, and Optometrist, Ms Rita Walls.

Ms Jacobs’ service is to optimalise productivity of the employee and the employer by applying certain psychological skills in managing stress, cultural differences, age differences and problems with supervisors etc.

Some of the issues she deals with are career counseling, career guidance, career placement, career education, career coaching, career therapy as well as emotional intelligence and how to understand people.

Ms Walls are situated in York Street, and has competitive deals for eye tests, frames and lenses.