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George Municipality holiday property owners must look out for General Valuation

Dec 19, 2017
George Municipality holiday property owners must look out for General Valuation

Holiday homeowners, non-permanent residents and non-residential business property owners in the George Municipal Area should keep a special lookout for municipal documents in their post pertaining to their local properties in early 2018 to ensure they participate meaningfully in the updating of the George Municipality General Valuation Roll.

The valuation roll determines, among other things, the rates paid on a property as well as the overall rate value calculations for the city. Municipalities are required by law to update valuation rolls every four years.

George Municipality Finance Director Keith Jordaan said the roll would be advertised for public inspection and objections in early 2018 in the local newspaper, the Western Cape Government Gazette and the municipal website, and a copy of the notice and an extract from the roll mailed to currently listed owners. The notice will contain dates of the objection period, locations where copies of the general valuation roll will be available for inspection and contact numbers for enquiries.

“As many owners of property in the greater George are not permanent residents and may not have access to local newspapers, it is recommended that such owners contact the municipality middle February 2018 to confirm their new valuation if a notice of such kind was not received by mail,” said Mr Jordaan.

Property owners will be able to view the roll at municipal offices, libraries and on the municipal website and will have at least 30 days to lodge objections pertaining to a specific property if necessary. 

The way to lodge an objection is prescribed by legislation and will only be considered if submitted on the correct objection form and completed clearly and correctly in ink.  Objection forms for the various categories of properties  - namely residential (Form A), non-residential/business (Form B) and agricultural properties (Form C) - will be available from service points indicated in the notice and on the municipal website.

Any objector may only object to an individual property and not to the entire valuation roll. If a person represents an owner of a property, a copy of the proof /resolution in this regard must be attached to the form. Objection forms received after the advertised objection date will not be considered. Objectors who have supplied correct contact details on the objection forms will be contacted and physical assessments of properties arranged.

“It is very important that owners check their valuations as it will affect the rates they pay on their own properties as well as the overall rate value calculations for the city. There are a few factors that can affect an evaluation – for instance, a smaller house in an area where there are mostly large homes may be over-valuated, or a house in a good area may have lower value because the inside is in bad condition,” said Mr Jordaan.

The value of a property is linked to the most likely sales price it would obtain on the open market, taking into consideration factors such as location, condition and size.

“While property prices have sky-rocketed in certain areas in George over the past few years, residents can be assured the municipality will look at the overall picture to determine rates, based on updated information, and that will ensure the municipality grow with the city and its ever-expanding needs,” said Mr Jordaan.