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George Municipality kicks off data collection for valuation roll

Jul 17, 2017
George Municipality kicks off data collection for valuation roll

The first phase of the valuation of an estimated 50 000 properties kicked off this week with data collection in the greater George area. Information will be gathered by first round visits to properties and driving through neighbourhoods. 

"Photographs will be taken by accredited data collectors of the street face of properties, using cell phone applications and other technologies," said Chantel Edwards-Klose, Manager: Communications at George Municipality. 

"These inspections will be performed in different town areas simultaneously. Some areas have already been completed, with the process continuing for the next few months with the final General Valuation Role expected to be published in December 2017 for comment."

Edwards-Klose said that all homeowner organisations will be notified of the impending inspections and are welcome to contact the George Municipality on 044-8019111 for further details.

"The data collectors and valuers who are appointed by the service provider, CDV Property Valuers (Pty) Ltd. will carry identification cards, which they must produce when entering a property being assessed.

"Should a resident wish to verify the identity of the data collector and/or valuer please contact 044 8019109," she said.

"Municipalities have access to a vast database of property information including building plans, Deeds Office data, geographic information systems, aerial photography and information obtained from previous inspections.

"This information is maintained continuously and inspections are routinely carried out where alterations, authorised and unauthorised, are made to properties in order to determine the market value of a property."

Edwards-Klose said that should a property owner wish to arrange a site visit by appointment to give the data collector’s and or valuer access to the buildings to highlight conditions, fixtures and finishing’s, which may have a huge influence on the market value, they are welcome to contact CDV Property Valuers in writing on PO Box 1869, George, 6529 or info@cdvpropertyvaluers.co.za to request a site visit in writing.

Residents can be assured that the municipality will look at the overall picture when determining property rates tariff.

Inspections may be performed by the authorized valuers and data collectors between 07:30 and 19:00 on any day of the week except Sundays and Public Holidays.

Image: This is the accredited identity card that will be carried by data collectors and valuers.