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George Municipality made a donation to the Safe Houses and Trauma Centre

MAY 25, 2016
George Municipality made a donation to the Safe Houses and Trauma Centre

Aldm Charles Standers, Executive Mayor of George, recently decided to give assistance to five Safe Houses as well as to the trauma centres situated at the various police stations in George Municipal area. He said it is part of the George Municipality's commitment and the promotion of the safety of the children.

"As Executive Mayor, upholding the values of being supportive and understanding, it is indeed an honour to share this time with you as we will be handing over equipment to our Safe Houses and Trauma Centres," said Standers.

The service that is being rendered by these centres is very valuable and the Mayor expressed his gratitude towards the managers of the centres and all the people involved.  Donations consisting of toiletries, food and electrical appliances were given to the centres and each Safe house The Mayor gave assistance in the form of a hamper consisting of toiletries, food and other electrical appliances.  In addition each Safe House also received a donation to the amount of R2500.

The following Safe Houses received assistance, Môreson Children’s Home, St Mary’s Children’s Home, Child Welfare Safe House in Blanco,          Phambili Shelter for Battered Women and YFC/Kidstop Centre for Children Living on the Street.

Aldm Standers said George is a caring and forward thinking City and as such, we all need to adopt the principle of reaching out and being there for our people - especially the vulnerable persons within our Communities.

He said the rise of domestic violence, rape and abuse reaches far beyond just the victim and their immediate family, it reaches even beyond their community – it reaches out and affects entire nations.

“International studies have shown that this increase costs countries billions of dollars each year – in medical costs, legal costs and in lost production while the victim recovers, seeks alternative accommodation and puts her or his life back together.Our challenge remains to stop violence of any sort in its tracks. We need to empower and encourage our victims and transform them into Victors. One of the first steps is to provide a place - a platform - an environment where the victims feel safe, secure -  a peaceful haven away from other pressing issues,” Standers said.

He saluted the ‘mothers’ of all Safe Houses, every policeman and volunteer for their service and love to the community.