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George Municipality Mayor calls for women to move beyond their past

Aug 17, 2017
George Municipality Mayor calls for women to move beyond their past

George Municipality Executive Mayor, Alderman Melvin Naik, called for the women of George to move beyond their negative past experiences and value themselves.

Speaking during a Women’s Day luncheon for 500 women at the George Civic Centre today (16 August 2017), Ald Naik said women sometimes faced discouraging problems and near-insolvable challenges but were expected to keep it all together for the sake of their families.

“We live in a world that expects so much of (women) ... and some hide their pain, struggles, frustrations and hurt behind layers of make-up. Many are unable to move past their ‘yesterdays’ of failures, heart ache, disappointments and hurt and carry it like a millstone around their necks.”

Ald Naik said women should not let the past limit their future, but rather direct it for the betterment of themselves and others. “Direction often comes through rejection. Your greatness is being incubated through your frustrations - the more frustrating the environment, the more fruitful the individual.

“Life is too short to allow others or circumstances to dictate to you who you are. It is time you, as a woman, start caring for yourself. Look in the mirror and love what you are seeing,” said Ald Naik.

Arranged by the municipal Department of Community Development and hosted by their portfolio councillor, Alderman Mercia Draghoender, the event treated 500 women from across the George municipal area to lunch, entertainment and motivational talks.

Main image: (From left) Community development portfolio councillor, Alderman Mercia Draghoender, George Executive Mayor Melvin Naik and guest speaker, Pastor Welda Bieghaar.

Guest speaker Carol Hardnick (left) and George municipal councillor Elizabeth Stroebel.

(From left) Magda Bobani, Hanna Clarke, Christina Windwaai and Anne-Marie Goosen were among the women treated during a Women’s Day lunch at the George Civic Centre.