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George Municipality planning upgrade at Gwaing beach

Apr 16, 2018
George Municipality planning upgrade at Gwaing beach

Upgrading is underway at the Gwaing beach area after a very well attended public meeting regarding the future use of the Gwaing River Mouth Resort was held at the Pacaltsdorp Community Hall on Tuesday, 10 April.

The purpose of the meeting was to get the necessary public input regarding future upgrades and immediate interventions to ensure that the facilities are suitable for public use.

The meeting was chaired by the Executive Mayor, Ald Melvin Naik and was also attended by the Deputy Mayor, Cllr Charlotte Clarke as well as Cllrs Cecil Noble, Belrina Cornelius, Virgil Gericke, Abel Kiwit and other senior officials.

Ald Naik made it quite clear that it was not a political meeting but a meeting to sort input from the Pacaltsdorp Community and proceeded to give a brief background to the attendees where after valuable input was given by all present. Consensus was reached that no tariffs will be charged for Day Campers as is the case at other beach areas in George, as well as that the municipality will embark on two phases for the upgrades of the facilities.

The long-term planning for the top area on the east of the entrance at the caravan camping site must go to Council for a decision beneficial to the community of Pacaltsdorp.

Planning for phase one is to use the facilities at the bottom beach area of the river mouth for Day camping Only and first be upgraded by planting grass as well as ensuring that paving from the entrance at the “boom” to the area where the grass will be planted is done.

More details of phase one is to work on the bathroom facilities with a cement wall blocking off the facilities and an entrance gate erected. Retaining blocks at the grass embankment will be put up so that day campers can use it to sit on as well.

No cars will be allowed at the bottom beach area. Only service vehicles will be allowed to enter here and all other vehicles will park at the existing top parking area.

The wooden railings and steps to the top braai areas will be upgraded to ensure that it is safe. Walkways for beachgoers will also be erected. A walkway for beachgoers walking from the top camping areas to the beach area needs to be developed.

In the second phase a Lapa area and swimming pool will be upgraded and fenced off.

Day campers will be allowed to camp at the swimming pool section. The swimming pool will be upgraded and reopened as it is currently filled up with sand for safety purposes.

The restaurant will be put up for an open tender where the PPPFA conditions will apply. The area to the north of the current Caravan Camp near to the old white building will be cleared and upgraded to accommodate Tent Camping and toilet facilities will be upgraded.

Long term planning items will be tabled at Council which will consider development proposals.

Main image: Ald Melvin Naik presenting to the attendees at the Gwaing public meeting.

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