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'George Municipality raid shows DA hides wrongs behind a facade of clean audits': ICOSA

Apr 23, 2018
'George Municipality raid shows DA hides wrongs behind a facade of clean audits': ICOSA

The Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa (ICOSA) on Monday said that it has learned of the raid at the George Municipality offices by the Hawks "with no undue surprise".

"Perhaps the only surprise is that it took the Hawks so long to act," said Alderman Jeffrey Donson, Leader of ICOSA.

"Democratic Alliance (DA) municipalities appear to hide wrongs behind the facades of 'clean audits'. As if a clean audit is the guarantee of excellence.

"The DA arrogance of claiming that DA municipalities are above reproach is clearly exposed by today’s raid. The action probably follows on investigations over very many months, and the rot must have been present for a very long time – a time during which the George Municipality had been promoted for clean governance."

George Municipal Manager, Trevor Botha, on Monday confirmed that electronic equipment and a number of documents were retrieved by the Hawks.

Donson said that one can only wonder at the uncovered wrongs in DA municipalities, when a flagship such as George is exposed for serious irregularities.

"The DA is exposed for being insincere in claiming excellence when the very opposite is in fact the reality," he described.

"The DA cannot be trusted. And the DA’s statement that it can be trusted because it investigated itself, in George, and acted, does not fly.

"Years of irregularity cannot be undone by self-exposure. Indeed, the opposite is true: the DA fails on two counts – continuing irregularity when excellence is arrogated; and eventual self-serving own criticism when irregularity can no longer be hidden, presented as some justification for demanding public trust when none should be due."