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George Municipality says despite problems, recycling bags being collected

Jul 17, 2018
George Municipality says despite problems, recycling bags being collected

The George Municipality has confirmed that blue and clear bags containing recyclables are still being collected, albeit with a few teething problems.

"The municipality’s service provider contract for the removal of recyclables and provision of blue bags ended at the end of May 2018 and tender processes for a new contract could only be initiated in the new municipal financial year, which started on 1 July 2018. This tender process is now underway," explained spokesperson, Athane Scholtz.

George Municipality Manager Community Services, Walter Hendricks, said the municipality wanted to maintain the recycling momentum and had made temporary plans to collect the blue bags.

“There have been some teething problems, which may have led to some areas not being serviced and we apologise for that. We hope these are now resolved, but ask that residents help us by reporting where bags have been missed (at 044 802 2900), or to take bags back in and put them out the next week if possible.”

Recyclable materials in blue and clear bags are collected on the same days as normal refuse collection, but by different trucks to make sorting easier, and may not necessarily be collected at the same time as black bags.

The municipality is unfortunately not able to provide blue bags until the new contractor has been appointed. Residents who want and can continue to recycle in the interim can buy blue or clear refuse bags from retailers such as Tuinroete Agri (R25 for a pack of 20) and Plastics for Africa (R60 for a pack of 20).

“The municipality remains committed to sustainable waste management solutions and thanks residents for their contribution and patience,” said Hendricks.