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George Municipality says Regional Landfill site will impact on tariffs

Apr 19, 2017
George Municipality says Regional Landfill site will impact on tariffs

The George Municipality is working hard to minimise the impact the new proposed Regional Landfill site will have on local ratepayers.

"The original estimated annual contribution for the George Municipality alone, toward the Regional Landfill Site, was in the region of R40 million per year.  This contribution was calculated based on the estimated average tonnage of refuse generated by George  per year," the municipality said.

"George Municipality insisted on real weigh bridge figures being obtained and based on this the average 14500 ton per month has been reduced to 8500 tons per month for all four municipalities.

"This has reduced the George annual financial requirement total to R16.1 million per year.  George is actively working towards the further reduction of this monthly tonnage."

The municipality said that active recycling of building rubble and waste as well as separation of green waste for composting will reduce the overall contribution George needs to make towards the new Regional Landfill Site and will therefore minimise the impact on refuse tariffs.

"Ratepayers can expect an increase, however it will not be as high as previously feared.

"The current transfer station, which separates waste will be extended in size in order to increase the recycling capabilities. Together with this, the new compositing site which will address green waste will be established in the 2017/18 financial year at a cost of R2.4 million," the municipality said.

"The business plan for the new Regional landfill site is in the process of being redrafted and in the interim, the current landfill site which is used by Bitou, Mossel Bay, George and Knysna has been given an 18 month extension. This is a collaborative project as each municipality cannot construct and finance its own landfill sites.

"George Municipality will contribute R2.4 million towards the height extension and drainage improvements that are required to facilitate this extension."