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George Municipality steps up recycling efforts

Nov 1, 2017
George Municipality steps up recycling efforts

The George Municipality is stepping up recycling efforts in municipal buildings, starting with the introduction of 20 dedicated paper bins alongside printers in the main building.

George Municipality Director Community Services Walter Hendricks said certain departments within the municipality had been recycling informally, but concerted efforts were now being made to increase awareness and recycle especially paper more pro-actively.

“Waste management is an increasing concern in growing centres such as ours, and as a major paper consumer, the municipality is making a concerted effort to lead by example.”

Twenty dedicated paper boxes were donated by municipal service provider Greens Recycling, who will also be collecting the additional paper-filled blue bags generated from this project.

The initiative also included training for cleaning staff which incorporated the importance of recycling, which types of paper are suitable for recycling, separate (blue) bag allocation and where the blue bags had to be placed for collection.

The dedicated paper bins will be emptied daily and additional blue bags are available should they fill up quicker.

“The project has been well-received and several departments have requested more bins to expand the project. The initiative will be more specifically budgeted for in future and will be extended to other municipal buildings as budget permits,” says Mr Hendricks.

Image: Greens Recycling operations supervisor Miek De Jager (back in blue shirt) donated 20 dedicated paper bins to the George Municipality environmental services and cleaning staff to kick-start the municipality’s renewed efforts to step up recycling in the municipality’s main building.