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George Municipality's Draft IDP 2017 – 2022 tabled at Council

Mar 31, 2017
George Municipality's Draft IDP 2017 – 2022 tabled at Council

George Municipality Executive Mayor, Ald Naik, on Thursday tabled the Draft Integrated Development Plan(IDP) for the next five years 2017-2022 at a Council meeting and requested approval to utilise the document as the basis for further consultation with the 27 Wards during the second round of public participation before final adoption in May 2017.

This draft document inter aliaprovides an overview of the 2017-2022 IDP process undertaken by the Municipality, as premised in the Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000; namely the legislative requirements and compliance as well as the process undertaken to produce the Draft IDP.

A Municipal council must within a prescribed period after the start of its elected term; adopt a single, inclusive and strategic plan for the development of the municipality.

“This IDP is a ‘building block’ towards the development of a long-term strategy and vision for the George municipal area. This long-term strategy and vision will revive and reinstate the experience of the George municipal area as hospitable and will continue to nurture and harness tourism, promote and strengthen the economic vibrancy and investor confidence in the municipal area.

"Basic service delivery in line with universal norms and standards and the provision of infrastructure that continues to connect George to the world will ensure that we become a smart city that is well structured and ecologically friendly," said Ald. Naik.

The Municipalityhas to ensure that it complements other spheres of government in reaching the identified targets.

The successful implementation of the IDP and Budget can be achieved only through a partnership will spheres of government, communities and the private sector.