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Georgie celebrates Spring and Casual Day

Sep 6, 2017
Georgie celebrates Spring and Casual Day

Caught up in the festivities surrounding Spring Day, GO GEORGE mascot Georgie visited George Preparatory School on Friday 1 September. The school ran a competition for the the most impressive, home-made spring hat, so Georgie joined in the fun and pulled up in a flowery creation himself.

Normally very attentive to keep to his neat GO GEORGE uniform, Georgie pleaded "Casual Day" and went wild. Accommodating persons with special needs on the buses is an important part of the GO GEORGE mission and the bus service gladly supports Casual Day, the flagship fundraising project of the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD).

Caption: GO GEORGE mascot Georgie was met with shouts of excitement and joy when he dropped in at George Preparatory School on Spring Day. His flowery Spring cap was overshadowed by the exuberant creations of the learners, but he still found it in his heart to pose with a few fans. In the front are Migael Fick and Ava-Rain Norton, and standing with Georgie are, from the left, Jordan Stevens, Danielle Barnard, Milan de Villiers and Laylah Conway.