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GERMANIUM STONE SAUNA DOME: The Body Specialists utilise this new miracle technique to restore body balance

By Amber Harington - Aug 8, 2014
GERMANIUM STONE SAUNA DOME: The Body Specialists utilise this new miracle technique to restore body balance

You probably already knew that saunas, which have been around for thousands of years, are very useful at detoxing and cleansing your body of impurities. A newly-designed treatment, the ‘Germanium Stone Sauna Dome’, takes this a bit further by utilising fine-tuned Far Infrared Rays’ (FIR) and the therapeutic Germanium element to produce a special type of heating that is very effective in healing the human body.

I was recently afforded the opportunity to try out this treatment at The Body Specialists, situated in Cape Road, Newton Park. Once I settled in the FIR Germanium Stone Sauna Dome, which was set up on a massage bed in one of their treatment rooms, one of their wonderful therapists began the treatment.

My immediate feeling was of a gradual rise in temperature as the dome heated and circulated the infrared rays around my body. A typical 30-minute session will increase body temperature by between 1-3?C. The body works against this temperature rise and the immune system is then strengthened while the body breaks down cellulite, burns calories and rids itself of toxins through sweat.

Dermatologists and scientists have actually identified hundreds, if not thousands, of benefits from Far Infrared Rays – which are among the safest and most beneficial solar rays known today, so I cannot cover all of them here. You can call The Body Specialists to find out more.

Since FIR energy is absorbed easily by the body, it rejuvenates the inner tissues, glands, nerves, organs and skin on a cellular level. FIR has been shown to stimulate metabolism, improve cardiovascular conditioning, lower blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, help with sleep disorders and improve blood circulation while increasing muscle tone and strength, body shape, energy levels and helping with weight control.

I found the treatment to be particularly great for stress relief, relaxation and fatigue reduction. I also learnt that it is beneficial in treating muscle spasms, body and joint pains and aids in treating rheumatoid arthritis. As I lead a very active and busy lifestyle, and have suffered from tension and spasm headaches in the past, I can testify that the session I had has benefited me immensely.

After my treatment, I was really amazed at the how much I perspired. Not only did I feel lighter, but I was also more nimble and relaxed. I will definitely be returning to The Body Specialists for further treatments.

More information on this treatment or other treatments at The Body Specialists, you can contact 041 363 8282 or visit them online at www.bodyspecialists.co.za.