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Get to know: Comedian Marc Lottering

Jul 3, 2015
Get to know: Comedian Marc Lottering

Stand-up comedian Marc Lottering is one of South Africa's top acts. He has always enjoyed sold-out audiences in Port Elizabeth – as everywhere else, and everywhere else means here in South Africa and across the world.

On Saturday, 4 July, the Cape Town-born comedian brings his latest show, 'My Favourite Stories' to his Port Elizabeth fans at The Boardwalk Convention Centre.

RNews recently caught up with Lottering, who is a recipient of several high-profile awards, to find out about the show and a few other things about his life as a comedian.

‘My favourite stories’ what is this show about?

This is one of the exciting projects that I have been working on lately. The show is essentially a mixture of acts that I have never performed before combined with other acts that people have enjoyed over my career. It’s going to be a very exciting show and you should come and watch it.

What do you probably find funniest about Port Elizabeth and your audiences in the city?

I always enjoy my time in Port Elizabeth – it’s a beautiful city with friendly people. Perhaps the funniest thing that ever happened to me in PE was when, after performing, I – being coloured, met a white lady, whose surname was also Lottering. It was one awkward moment…

You have performed all over the globe and probably always have to adapt your jokes for different audiences?

Yes, you always have to understand your audiences and their context – what might be fun to the local audiences might not be funny to an audience in, for example, London because they will not always know what you will be talking about. So, as a comedian, you really have to know what is happening internationally - and particularly around them.

What is the life of a celebrity comedian in South Africa like?

In South Africa, you still have to work hard. I spend my days on the couch, with popcorn, and watching TV – I watch a lot of television and follow up on world developments because that is where we get our material as stand-up comedians. So you must always be knowing what’s happening right now out there if you want to be a stand-up comedian.

Do you believe comedy and comedians have a role in society?

Yes, we are there to make you laugh – which is a great thing, considering the difficult circumstances people might be in right now. Comedy also helps society to view itself in the mirror and think, which most people might never do without us poking fun at life’s situations.

You advice for upcoming stand up comedians? 

There is only one Marc Lottering. I remember someone ran up to me and tried to check if the hair is real – my hair is real and I have all my teeth. Anyway, my advice is that you should work hard – its not easy, nothing is.

You can expect an exciting show with lots of laughs at the ‘My Favourite Stories’. Please note that the show is not suitable for children.

Bookings: Computicket

Tickets: R100 pp