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Get your confidence back at Walmer Teeth Whitening Studio

Get your confidence back at Walmer Teeth Whitening Studio

They say the prettiest thing you can wear is a smile and I totally agree. I love smiling and laughing just as much as the next person, so when a colleague told me about Walmer Teeth Whitening Studio I thought, why not?

I made my appointment and upon arrival, immediately knew I had made the right decision. Owned by Vincent Lightfoot since April this year, Walmer Teeth Whitening Studio is situated in the Bloomingdales Centre, which is along Main Road, Walmer.

Vincent welcomed me like an old friend and after some small talk, escorted me to their teeth whitening room.

To begin the treatment, I flossed and brushed my teeth. After that, he talked me through the whole process and showed me what he was going to use. The teeth whitening process is a simple, self-application process. As he puts it, he is only there to guide you.

We evaluated the whiteness of my teeth on a chart and after that, the magic began.

Inserting a type of guard to keep my teeth away from the sides of my mouth, I then applied what he refers to as “the dupa” with a tiny brush. The “dupa” was a simple clear-looking fluid that didn’t taste too bad. I was then given a pair of stylish red sunglasses to wear and was put under a blue laser light for 30 minutes.

Vincent made every effort to make sure I was comfortable and with the radio on, the half hour passed quickly. He frequently checked on me to see if I was comfortable, which I indicated with a simple thumbs-up.

For the second part of the process, I had to wear a mouth guard with a blue gel. I was again placed under the blue laser, but this time for 20 minutes. After this, I rinsed my mouth out with water and coconut oil. I was also given bio-oil for my lips that had dried out just a little.

Since the process consists of two sessions, I went back the next day for my second session. The process was very much the same and by now I knew exactly what to do. I could instantly see the result and was happy to walk out of the studio with the biggest, brightest smile on my face.

To book your bright white smile, contact Vincent Lightfoot on 074 716 9462 or visit him at Shop 29, Bloomingdales Centre, 145 Main Road in Walmer, Port Elizabeth.