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Go George asks for community support to curb vandalism

May 25, 2016
Go George asks for community support to curb vandalism

Repeated vandalising of GO GEORGE infrastructure in some of the communities that already enjoy the benefits of the city’s public bus service, has reached a point where the municipality is at its wit’s end and reluctant to keep doing repairs, just to have it vandalised again.

The Genesis B bus stop in Rosedale has become a collection point for home improvers who keep digging out the bricks from the paving, and at the Protea stop in Pacaltsdorp, the shading net has been slashed and cut down.

“Even in areas where sidewalks don’t exist, we still build elevated platforms at the bus stops, at a very specific height to facilitate the ramp or hoist that the bus deploys for  those passengers with special needs who, for example, use mobility devices or baby strollers,” explains Harold Basson, Director of Civil Engineering Services at the George Municipality.

“By vandalising and damaging these structures, the culprits make the buses inaccessible to those members of the community who need it most. While residents in some areas are anxiously waiting for the service to roll out to their suburbs, these vandals  find it in their hearts to break down the infrastructure and service to which they were privy before the rest of the community.”

The Municipal Manger, Mr Trevor Botha, appeals to the public to discourage, stop and report any vandalising activities. “We have to count on the community to help us here. By the time a report reaches us, the damage has been done. We would really appreciate the community’s support in kerbing these actions. GO GEORGE is the community’s bus service – let’s all take ownership, and take hands to preserve the costly infrastructure needed for efficient running of the service. The cost of continually repairing vandalised vehicles and infrastructure will eventually impact the cost of your ticket.”

Please phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044 (manned from 06:00 till 21:00 daily), write an email to [email protected], or write a message on the GO GEORGE Facebook page.