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GO GEORGE helps learners to plan best route

Feb 5, 2018
GO GEORGE helps learners to plan best route

After a hugely successful programme last year, GO GEORGE has embarked on another round of school visits, familiarising grade 8 learners who take the bus to school, with their different route options.  

School children are an important component of passengers using the GO GEORGE bus service daily.

"Although most know their route to school, those who started high school this year might not be aware of the different routes and transfers available to get them to their new schools," says James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager.

"We see learners waiting at bus stops, hoping to get onto a bus that might already be full by the time it reaches them, while another more convenient route is available on our network connecting the different areas in town.”

A unique map depicting the different options available to school and back home has been created for each school and is being handed out and discussed with the young passengers during a visit by the GO GEORGE communications team.

image: The grade 8 learners at Heatherlands High School mostly travel to school by bus, they told Karen Lamberts (photo) of the GO GEORGE communications team when she explained the route options and some important tips and rules of using the bus service to them.