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Go George Mascot Needs A Name

Jul 4, 2016
Go George Mascot Needs A Name

The GO GEORGE family is delighted to announce the birth of a two-legged baby with huge eyes and a friendly smile. Everybody at headquarters has been looking forward to the arrival of the GO GEORGE mascot who will in future help market the system, educate people about using the bus service and inform the community about future roll-outs and any bus-related development in their part of town.

Designing a mascot that ticks off all the requirements of a child-friendly, inspiring character that creates a sense of being everybody’s buddy and comfortably accommodates the “human engine” inside, was a task that took quite some time and consideration.

Now the mascot needs a name so that it won’t be necessary to refer to “it” as “the mascot” ever again, but by the name befitting your lovable best friend. GO GEORGE invites the George public to participate in the naming by way of a competition. The winner will receive an exciting goodie bag filled with GO GEORGE-branded items, and will be able to tell everybody that the name on the mascot’s number plate was his/her bright idea. Of course there will be a photo shoot for the newspapers too.

It’s all very easy. Have a good look at the friendly character on the photos, or go meet it at the GO GEORGE promotion stall at the Garden Route Mall from 12-18 July where it will make its first public appearance. Imagine what the smartest, cutest, most lovable bus person in the country should be called, not forgetting its George roots. Entries can be submitted on the GO GEORGE Facebook page, through the Call Centre (0800 044 044) or via email ([email protected]) before 5 August 2016, or at the Garden Route Mall stall.


  1. Designing and manufacturing of a mascot is not a simple process. After a lot of deliberation and quite a process of approval, the working sketch was finalised and the local mascot studio could start giving life to the GO GEORGE mascot.