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GO GEORGE services adapting for more road upgrades

May 22, 2018
GO GEORGE services adapting for more road upgrades

The next phase of road upgrades in George impacting the GO GEORGE bus service will commence at the end of May 2018 in Mission Street, Rosemoor, a section of Park Road and the servitude road running past CTM, connecting Knysna Road and Park Road, and Caledon Street.

This follows construction work in Courtenay Street that started in May, expected to be completed by the end of July 2018. 

Mission Street

Construction will take place between the Industrial- and Miller Street intersections with this section of road being be closed entirely for at least 10 weeks, after which a 24-hour stop and go system will apply with one-lane traffic open for the remainder of the project. This section of the upgrades is expected to be completed by the end of November 2018.

The two Rosemoor bus routes (53 and 53B) will be rerouted along Industrial Street and Grens Street. Stops affected are 219 Sauer, 217 George High, 216 George High, 214 Rosemoor, 215 Rosemoor, and 623 Grens B.

A temporary stop on Grens Street after the intersection with Attakwas Street will be introduced during the period of full closure of Mission Street. Any other temporary bus stops deemed necessary during the construction period will be communicated to passengers.

Park Road and servitude road at CTM

Construction will take place on the servitude road from its intersection with Knysna Road at CTM, to its intersection with Park Road (only two of the four lanes will be under construction at a time).  It will continue along Park Road to the Blue Mountain / Eden Meander circle, excluding the circle.  Construction is expected to be completed by the end of August 2018.

Vehicles will be rerouted along the unaffected section of the servitude road and Knysna Road during construction. Affected stops on the Rosemoor routes are Eden Meander 20 and Eden Meander 21. Temporary stops, where required, will be clearly indicated by yellow temporary stop signs and communicated to passengers through passenger service staff.

Caledon Street

Construction will take place between Davidson Road and the train track intersection with Berg Street, and is expected to be completed by the end of September 2018.

A 24-hour stop and go system will apply for the duration of the project, over the full length of the road under construction, with one-lane traffic open.

Route 56 CBD-Denneoord will be affected with all trips operating only in the forward (clockwise) direction. Buses will be rerouted along Symonds Street and Adderley Street. Affected stops are 120 George Library, 121 Sandy McGregor, 119 Drostdy, 118 Drostdy, 572 Anland, 571 Darling, 271 Gardens, and 270 Gardens.

Temporary stops will be placed along Symonds and Adderley Streets, more or less parallel to the affected stops.

George Municipality apologises for the inconvenience and appeals to road users to be patient and exercise caution near roadworks. GO GEORGE service delays must be expected on all these routes during the construction period.