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GO George simplifies Rosemoor routes

Nov 28, 2016
GO George simplifies Rosemoor routes

GO GEORGE has announced a change to its Rosemoor routes from Monday, 28 November 2016, resulting from passenger feedback after the latest set of route refinements.  

All the Rosemoor routes – 53, as well as the two new routes, 53A and 53B – are now travelling along the same route into town, and stop at the original Rosemoor stop in Cradock Street. This means that all Rosemoor buses travel along Courtenay Street, turn left into York Street at the circle, left into Market Street and left into Cradock Street.

The new and shorter Routes 53A (weekdays only) and 53B (Saturdays only) no longer turn into Memoriam Street to stop at the Mispel A stop in Market Street. 

Anyone needing more information or assistance with trip planning, is welcome to phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044.