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GO GEORGE: Smart change-over from paper ticket to Smart Card

Sep 26, 2018
GO GEORGE: Smart change-over from paper ticket to Smart Card

The announcement last week of a new Smart Card to replace the paper tickets of the GO GEORGE bus service was received with much enthusiasm by passengers and the George community as a whole.

According to James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager, training of passenger support staff is well under way, and detailed informational material is being finalised for distribution.

"Communication is a key element of this project. Passengers have many questions and need to understand what is about to happen. Guiding them through this period of transition from paper tickets to the automated fare card system is crucial to successful implementation of the Smart Card," he said.

The GO GEORGE Smart Card will be available to buy from 15 October 2018, and will be implemented one month later, on 15 November.  

New equipment on Go George buses

From 20 October to 14 November 2018, the new Smart Card equipment will be installed on buses. During this time, some buses will still have the old ticket readers, and some the new equipment that cannot validate your paper ticket.

For this period, on the buses already fitted with the new equipment, all tickets (on-board single, off-board single and multi-journey) will be punched by the bus driver who will issue a R0-value receipt printed by the new card machine and hand back the punched ticket. To transfer to another bus within the one-hour period, passengers will need to show both this receipt and the punched ticket to the driver.

Passengers should take note that the receipt issued for transfer (during transition and in future, using your Smart Card) prints the one-hour end time in bold print, as well as the time of boarding the first bus. This makes it easier for both the passenger and driver to see when the hour allowed for transfer will expire.

Go George Bus paper tickets phased out

From 15 November, when the Smart Card is implemented, no more paper tickets will be sold, and from 14 December, no more paper tickets will be accepted on buses, so passengers are strongly encouraged to get their Smart Cards as soon as they become available on 15 October.

To qualify for the special first-card price of R20, including two pre-loaded trips, the buyer needs to produce an ID, passport, driver's licence or birth certificate. Children from the age of four must have their own Smart Cards.

Family members may register cards for the entire family, and employers for employees, providing they bring along valid ID documents and register a card for each. If you do not have any official proof of identity, you can still buy a card at the normal price of R40, with no pre-loaded trips.

For more information, phone the GO GEORGE Call Centre on 0800 044 044, send an email to info@gogeorge.org.za, or follow GO GEORGE on Facebook for the latest news.

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