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GO GEORGE takes accessibility seriously

Feb 28, 2017
GO GEORGE takes accessibility seriously

The GO GEORGE bus service was designed to offer maximum accessibility to people with any category of special need. Engaging with passengers who need to use the accessibility features of the bus service, is therefore an important part of the ongoing development and improvement of the system.

For this reason, an on-site consultation session with passengers with special needs and some community members was arranged to discuss the design and convenience of the permanent bus shelters. An issue was raised at the GO GEORGE meetings in Rosemoor recently, with special needs and elderly passengers complaining about the angle of the bench inside the shelters. These benches had been designed at a slight angle to let rain water flow off freely and to prevent vagrants from sleeping on the benches. However, it appears to be inconvenient to disabled or elderly passengers who slide down and cannot support themselves with their feet. This design will now be adapted after the consultation, for the rest of the shelters that still need to be constructed.

Other changes to future shelters will include a solid side panel without the vertical cut-out on one side of the structure, for improved shelter, and replacement of the perspex panels with galvanised metal, to curb vandalism. All current permanent shelters have recently been fitted with glass panels at the back to curb rain and wind.  To improve visibility, but with passengers’ safety in mind, safety glass is being used.

GO GEORGE is making a serious appeal to the community to discourage any form of vandalism of the shelters and to report any perpetrators to the Call Centre on 0800 044 044. Damaging municipal property is a criminal offence and vandalising of bus service facilities will be treated as such.

During an on-site visit to one of the permanent bus shelters, a group of special needs passengers and members from the community had the opportunity to give their input about the accessibility and convenience of the structures.

Caption front, from the left: Charles Greyling and Tommie Barnardo, back: Mongie Louw, Yuleen Champher, Evelyn May and Chris Swart of V3 Consulting Engineers.