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GO GEORGE: Taxi drivers to protest over settlement issues

GO GEORGE: Taxi drivers to protest over settlement issues

Members of the George taxi industry have reportedly threatened to embark on a protest action against the roll-out of GO GEORGE rapid transit busses in the Thembalethu area.

According to the local George Herald, members are demanding the renegotiating of operations settlements between the industry and George Integrated Public Transport Network (GIPTN), following last month’s anti-GO GEORGE march, and the handing over of a memorandum of understanding to Mayor Charles Standers.

“The George Taxi Industry wishes to make it abundantly clear that the test runs of the GO GEORGE buses in Thembalethu have not been done in proper consultation with the George taxi industry,” spokesperson Cornelius Esau told the paper.

“This situation leaves the George Taxi Industry with no other option than to start with the intensification of our mass action campaign. We have now requested all taxi formations in the Western and Eastern Cape to March with us in solidarity”.

Tensions between the industry and GO GEORGE operator, George Link Pty (Ltd), have remained tense following the torching of four brand new busses in August over a permit dispute.


IMAGE sourced from GO GEORGE Facebook page