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GO George welcomes new ticket vendors

Nov 7, 2016
GO George welcomes new ticket vendors

GO GEORGE is welcoming a huge number of new vendors to the existing businesses and home shops selling their bus tickets.

The number of ticket vendors now stand at 32, servicing communities all over town and supporting the bus service’s drive to encourage passengers to buy their tickets before boarding the bus.

“It is no use, however, asking passengers to buy their tickets upfront if a vendor is not within their reach,” says James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager. “We embarked on a campaign a while ago to recruit more vendors within communities, and are really happy with the turnout.”

According to Robb, there are two reasons for wanting the passengers to buy their tickets off-bus. “It slows down the boarding process when passengers buy their tickets from the driver on the bus, and becomes very difficult to keep to our time schedules and get passengers to their destinations on time.

And secondly, passengers with R50, R100 or even R200 notes wanting to buy their tickets on the bus, immediately depletes the money float issued to the driver. At the vendors, they don’t have to keep change ready to buy their tickets. All in all, going to the bus with your ticket in your hand, is beneficial to all.”

Ticket vendors are allowed to sell tickets at bus stops if they want to expand their sales in that way. Passengers are welcome to support them, making sure that the ticket is an original GO GEORGE ticket, and selling at the price of R8.50 per single ticket, and R75 for a multi-journey ticket with 10 trips. GO GEORGE tickets are identifiable by the foil on the front bottom of the single ticket, colour printing on the front with a serial number printed in the white space, and grey printing on the back.

Currently operational vendors:

Denro Trading, Hibiscus Street, Pacaltsdorp

Captain's Cabin, Cradock Street, George CBD

WGSW Enterprises, Tulip Street, Pacaltsdorp

Engen Eco Stop, Heather Park

Shell Kraaibosch, Knysna Road

Good and More, Cradock Street, CBD

Rosedale Superette, Genesis Street, Rosedale

Pacaltsdorp Superette, Church Street, Pacaltsdorp

Caltex Fourway Motors, York Street, Pacaltsdorp Industria

Millies, George Road, Blanco

Janine Busy Corner Shop, Wolhuter Street, Lavalia

South Cape Motors, Courtenay Street

Albert Straat Vulstasie, Nelson Mandela Bvd, CBD/Industrial

Eden Caltex, Courtenay Street

Keith Fortuin, 32 John Kretzen Street, Blanco

Atlantic Oil, Nelson Mandela Bvd, George Industria

Total Sandkraal, Nelson Mandela Bvd, George Industria

Fresh Stop on York, York Street

JPH Pato, 7852 Adam Street, Rosedale

Riadh Trading (old Pacaltsdorp Butchery), Protea Rd, Pacaltsdorp

Community Clothing Chemicals, Kondor Street, Rosemoor

Roma's Catering Enterprises, Section Street, Pacaltsdorp

Smart's Take Aways, O'Connel Street, Rosemoor

Heinrich Cook , 6490 Protea Rd, Pacaltsdorp