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GO GEORGE zooms in on ticket fraud

Feb 21, 2018
GO GEORGE zooms in on ticket fraud

Ticket fraud in the form of used tickets being passed on to passengers outside or who are waiting to board the bus, is still a growing concern for the GO GEORGE bus service. CCTV cameras on buses, field monitors and Champions (passenger service officials) are now being employed to zoom in on fare evasion and to report culprits.

Despite numerous appeals through various channels, this inadmissible type of conduct can still be seen at bus stops on a daily basis.

Passengers complain that they pay for their tickets because they're honest citizens, but that the culprits simply pass their tickets through the window as soon as they are seated. Others hand it over to waiting passengers when they disembark before the one-hour validity of the ticket, for one person, has expired.

According to James Robb, GO GEORGE Manager, the benefit of having a public transport network like GO GEORGE is that passengers can travel anywhere on the network by transferring to different routes.

"As transfers are free within an hour from starting your journey, passengers could for instance travel from Pacaltsdorp to the CBD, and on to Blanco, at the cost of a single ticket. This is to ensure that travelling by bus is affordable for everybody. However, it is printed clearly on the GO GEORGE bus tickets that each ticket is valid for one person only," Robb said.

"Any form of avoiding paying for your ticket, such as passing your bus ticket on to another passenger when the allowed hour has not expired yet, is fare evasion and a criminal offense in terms of the National Land Transport Act. Any persons caught may be criminally prosecuted and face imprisonment of up to three months or a fine up to R10 000," said Robb.

Robb calls upon passengers to help keep the bus service affordable "by enjoying the benefits, and not abusing them at the cost of the service that needs real-figure income to stay viable".