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Goldberg & de Villiers - Leading the way

By Graeme Lund - Aug 14, 2015
Goldberg & de Villiers - Leading the way

The balance of decision making power within the vast majority of companies is skewed towards men, however, there are a few organisations where woman dominate the boardroom and Goldberg & De Villiers Incorporated is one of these exceptions.

To find out more about the female leadership of this well-known and respected legal firm, Business Link interviewed their Managing Director, Adri Ludorf, who is one of the few ladies to hold the most senior position in a legal firm in the Eastern Cape.

Business Link (BL): How many women do you have as partners?

Adri Ludorf (AL): We have four female directors out of a total of six directors.

BL: Are there any other legal firms of your size that have a woman as their Managing Director?

AL:As far as I am aware there aren't any other legal firms of our size which have a female Managing Director in Port Elizabeth.

BL: Are there many other legal firms that have as high a percentage of woman partners?

AL:Although there are quite a few other legal firms in PortElizabeth which have women as partners we, at Goldberg & De Villiers Inc, are proud of the fact that women are equally ( if not slightly more so) represented in leadership roles. This is due to the fact that Goldberg & De Villiers Inc is and always has been committed to creating equal opportunities for all its employees.

BL: Has being a woman affected your career path?

AL: If I had to list the things that affected my career, being a woman would not be on the list. I don't think that one can generalize and say "This is how women lead or this is how men lead". There are different kinds of women leaders and different kinds of male leaders. Each individual brings his or her own unique management style to the table. The combined nature of the various leadership styles within the firm allows our professional staff and employees to engage actively within the firm and challenge themselves on a daily basis, which in turn allows for professional and personal growth and recognition.

BL: How do the men feel about being in the minority? 

AL: So far the men haven't complained.....they are wise enough not to.  Ha ha.

BL: Goldberg de Villiers Inc has been in business for many years, what is your formula for success?

AL:Our focus on our clients and our commitment to service excellence are what distinguishes us from other legal service providers. Our values of respect, excellence and integrity are lived out by our firm and its employees and this comes across to our clients. We also believe in investing in our staff to ensure that our team remains skilled, motivated and abreast of the latest developments in the legal field.

BL: How have the ladies in your team contributed to this success?

AL:Each of our team members, male and female, has contributed to the success of Goldberg & De Villers Inc. The women on our team bring not only their legal expertise but also a unique management and leadership style. Further to this, given the nature of our business, the majority of our support staff are also woman. Their dedication, commitment and work ethic has contributed greatly to the firms overall success.


Photo caption: Woman power – the fairer directors of Goldberg de Villiers Inc (from left to right) , Cindy Jonker, Adri Ludorf, Tracey Watson-Gill and  Tracy Mouton.