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Goldberg have won a biggie - a national ABSA award

SEPTEMBER 12, 2016
Goldberg have won a biggie - a national ABSA award

Goldberg & De Villiers Inc was  recently awarded the Absa Litigation Award  in recognition of the fact that during 2015 Goldberg and De Villiers Inc received the first place, nationally ,for Absa Retail Collections, Recoveries and Home Loans Legal.

It is an award which Absa awards ,annually, to its top performing panel attorney.

The award goes to the panel attorney who nationally, performed the best in the area of Litigation ( specifically litigation relating to Retail Collections, Recoveries & Home Loan Legal ).

Caption: Recoveries and Foreclosure Team which is headed up by Cara Knipe (Standing right ) and Elmareth Michau (Seated right ) as well as the members of our Conveyancing Team  Tracey Watson -Gill (Standing left ) and Jade Mitchell (Seated left ) who are responsible for the registration of the properties which have been recovered.