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Goodnight Market to spark sophisticated dining experience for locals

By Marc Jacobson - Feb 18, 2016
Goodnight Market to spark sophisticated dining experience for locals

The Valley Market in Port Elizabeth is hosting its very first ‘Goodnight Market’ tonight and intends to become a monthly event.

Valley Market organiser, Elaine Watson, told News24 that they are looking to create a completely different look and feel to the current event.

“We see it being the more sophisticated and intimate of the two. We do not want to create a shopping experience, but rather a dining experience,” said Watson.

Watson said that they had chosen exhibitors for the Goodnight Market who serve food which can be purchased by customers for dinner, desserts and beverages.

According to Watson, the Goodnight Market will also have a different look and feel to that of the day market.

She said the event will be candle lit with slower music playing and with an overall more intimate atmosphere with waitrons serving coffee and drinks to guests.

“A market like this is the first of its kind in PE. Night markets are popping up all over the country and the Goodnight is following suit,” she added.  

The food in the market will range from Asian Dim Slum and Sushi to Tacos and to Mediterranean cuisines. Diners are permitted to bring their own wine along with plastic cups or glasses. Popular local band, ‘Lundale’, will also be there to play music.

The Goodnight Market will take place between 5pm and 10pm in Alabaster Road, Baakens Valley with R20 entry per person.  

100% of the profits from the market go to charity, directly to feeding and clothing the homeless. For more information regarding this visit here

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