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Goodyear South Africa recognised as top company by Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

Goodyear South Africa recognised as top company by Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

Goodyear South Africa has been recognised by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM) as one of the Top 50 companies in the region at an award ceremony on March 3, 2016.

The Municipality recognised and honoured top Nelson Mandela Bay based companies for their confidence in the region, their commitment and contribution to job creation and sustainability, economic growth, increase in exports, investments and expansions.

Receiving the award on behalf of Goodyear South Africa was Manoel Almeida, Group Finance Director who stated, 'Goodyear South Africa is a major investor in the region with a manufacturing plant in Uitenhage which employs over 1 000 associates.

“Goodyear South Africa's recent announcement of its investment of R670-million to increase production of high-value-added (HVA) consumer tyres at its Uitenhage manufacturing plant to drive profitable growth and meet market demands is testament that the Company is not only committed to the region but the country as a whole".

The municipality's primary objective of recognising these companies is to retain the top 50 NMB companies for their respective contributions to the economic growth of the region across five specific categories, namely; Top Exporters; Top Investors; Top New-Comers; Long Standing Companies and Top Job Creators.

The second objective is to extend and re-introduce the service offering of NMBM and the Export Helpdesk through strategic engagement with these stakeholders. Recognising these companies at the award ceremony on behalf of NMBM was Executive Mayor, Danny Jordaan.

In closing Almeida said, "Goodyear South Africa is honourned to be recognised as one of the Top Companies in the region and we look forward to forging strategic partnerships with the Municipality."