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GPS Log Book – Simply 'Plug & Drive'

APRIL 21, 2015
GPS Log Book – Simply 'Plug & Drive'

Still using the traditional logbook that must be wrestled out of the cubbyhole and painstakingly completed before and after every trip? For business owners that need to track a vehicle's every movement, or substantiate billable hours to clients, as well as for those who need to submit detailed log sheets to claim for business mileage in private vehicles, there is a better, more efficient and more effective solution to record the start and end odometer readings, the address and the reason for the visit every time.

The GPS Logbook - Simply plug and drive! - is a small, stylish and hassle-free GPS Log Book device that simply plugs into the 12 V socket  of a vehicle and records each and every trip.

With minimal effort or time, you can generate useful business travel claim reports as and when required, making it easier to keep track of monthly travel expenses and allowing those who receive a travel allowance to provide an accurate, detailed and SARS-compliant logbook at the end of each month or financial year end.

The device features a high-sensitivity GPS and intelligent logging software, which accurately records the time, position and speed of a vehicle at any point in a journey.

This data can be uploaded via USB onto a computer (both PC and Mac Compliant) to the GPS Logbook website www.gpslogbook.co.za where trips can be viewed using Google Maps, categorised accordingly and annotated with comments.

Users can also create “zones” - areas marked on a map detailing recurring trips. Whenever a trip starts or ends within a specific zone, the route is automatically categorised according to the particular zone.

Another USB device (iphone, Blackberry, Garmin) can be charged while using the GPS Log Book and its intuitive LED indicator lets users know when the device’s memory is almost full.

Take the hassle out of traditional log books and invest in the GPS Logbook for only R999.00 including VAT. For more information or to purchase the GPS Log Book device visit the secure www.gpslogbook.co.za website.