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GRAB YOUR CUP: Kaffeine Espresso Bar is a must for every coffee lover

By Graeme Lund - Jul 30, 2014
GRAB YOUR CUP: Kaffeine Espresso Bar is a must for every coffee lover

I always enjoy a good cup of coffee and am constantly on the lookout for a skilled barrista and a new blend. So I recently found myself at, appropriately-named, Kaffeine Espresso Bar which is situated at the Summerstrand Village.

From the outside, the premises may look like a classic coffee shop – comfortable seating and bustling with activity, but I found it fairly unique. The atmosphere at the shop allows for a relaxing break with friends or colleagues. In addition to being owner-managed, Kaffeine serves their own special blend of coffee.

“Kaffeine serves our coffee at optimum temperature to increase the ultimate flavor of the beans,” read a line in their menu – it caught my eye and I immediately knew I had come to the right place.

Since it was a workday, I took advantage of Kaffeine’s free Wi-Fi; hauled out my laptop and was soon tapping away.  I have found that I am more productive in a coffee shop setting than at my office as events constantly demand my attention and my train of thought is never allowed to gain momentum.

With my Americano in hand and two tasks ticked-off, I perused the menu further and was delighted to see the words “Hand cut chips”. From amongst Kaffeine’s gourmet burgers, quiche, falafel and salads, I then chose to have a good old chicken mayo sandwich on whole wheat bread with, of course, a side order of hand-crafted chips.

Looking around Kaffeine, I noticed an eclectic variety of patrons – students, moms with children, tourists and other businessmen, who like myself, were engrossed in their electronic business aid of choice.

The waitresses, of which there were a large number, moved efficiently and happily from table to table. Service was quick.

My chicken mayo sandwiches were so stuffed with their namesake that it was a protein and not a carb meal. The chips were fantastic!

I have since returned to Kaffeine to sample their breakfasts which include the traditional English, omelet’s, French toast and a health option. My omelet came stuffed with cheese, mushrooms and onions. It had been done to perfection and with a couple of excellent Americanos, I started my day on a positive note.

During my visits to Kaffeine, I noticed a delectable array of cakes and can’t wait to return to sample these.

Anyone looking to change from that ubiquitous coffee chain should visit Kaffeine Espresso Bar at Summerstrand Village, 8th Avenue, Summerstrand in Port Elizabeth or call: 041 583 5080.