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Grade 8 Information Literacy class of 2016 have done it!

Nov 18, 2016
Grade 8 Information Literacy class of 2016 have done it!

Information Literacy is about discernment and thinking critically and finding a hidden truth or meaning. It is about being passionate in your quest for knowledge. It is also about slowing down and thinking about it and about convincing the next person that what you believe to be true is actually true. It is also about asking questions from other scholars and experts in the field or topic that you are researching.

It is about agreeing, disagreeing and challenging the thoughts and ideas of others. Whilst Information Literacy is also about being open to having your ideas challenged, it is also about contributing one’s input in the field. Even though sometimes we make conclusions on the matter at hand, the essential element in our situation is to keep an open mind to other’s ideas and conclusions.

St Andrew’s College Grade 8 boys have done it!

After going through a process of choosing their researchable topics, and being certain that they cared enough about a topic to spend time with it throughout the year, then they were ready to go off and conduct their own research. Drafts were submitted and re-submitted after feedback.

The boys spent the 3rd term sharing their research results and recommendations in the form of presentations. Providing evidence, acknowledging other researchers by referencing the information sources formed a big part of their reporting. Some classes were given options to present their findings through different digital formats. IPads and iPhones were used and other different technologies to ensure that the 4-minute presentations captured the audience. 

The boys worked hard to impress their panel of assessors which included the Headmaster and some academic members of staff, Student teachers and librarians from College and DSG. The boys were given feedback by panel members and were also commended on a job well done.

Some of the research essays will be indexed in the online library catalogue shared between DSG and SAC. This research will be used to educate the future Grade 8s. It will be freely available to the boys and the school community for reference.

The boys are encouraged to use the research skills they have learnt in Grade 8 across the curriculum and throughout their academic life.