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Grade 8’s shone in “amazing race” adventure

By Supplied - Feb 3, 2015
Grade 8’s shone in “amazing race” adventure

Pearson High School’s Grade 8 class of 2015 took part in an adventure day organized by the school and Get Real Adventures. The aim of the day was for the grade 8’s to get to know each other and to bond as a group.

The group was divided into different teams led by the prefects and matric committee members. The teams had to complete different tasks in Summerstrand within a certain time limit. Great fun was had by everyone . Activities included the following: going through a car wash,a blind-folded wheelbarrow race, different sea activities like tube balancing and sailing. A trolley race seemed to be great fun as well as the activities in and around the Boardwalk.

Teams were given points to determine the winning team overall. A definite highlight was the helicopter rides for the team members in each group who was voted by their teams as the most valued member.

The day ended with 217 happy,but exhausted grade 8’s earning their right to be called true Pearsonites.


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