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GRATIFYING EXPERIENCE: Pamper yourself with a Dermaceutic Milk Peel at The Skin Clinic

By Anne Udemans - Oct 6, 2014
GRATIFYING EXPERIENCE: Pamper yourself with a Dermaceutic Milk Peel at The Skin Clinic

With my busy schedule, I do not always have enough time to spoil and pamper myself. However, when I do have a chance, I make sure that I get a gratifying experience – which is what happened when I visited The Skin Clinic for an indulgent Dermaceutic Milk Peel treatment.

The Dermaceutic Milk Peel is a mild and gentle procedure that deals with early signs of sun damage as well as age spots, dilated pores, unbalanced texture, dryness, fine lines, oily or acne-prone skin and it is recommended for anyone looking for a smoother or softer skin. The best part is that it only took 30 minutes out of my lunch time.

On arrival at The Skin Clinic, which is conveniently located at 173 Prospect Road in Walmer, Megan, the owner, showed me to one of their beautiful and tranquil treatment rooms. Here she took a few minutes to explain Dermaceutic Milk Peel procedure as this was my first experience of this treatment and I was a little anxious.

Megan started the process by applying a special cleanser to remove any excess make-up from my skin. She then carefully applied the Dermaceutic Milk Peel starting, at the forehead and working down towards the neck area. I did feel a slight tingling sensation for which Megan handed me a paper fan in case the tingling became more intense but, as it turned out, it was not discomforting.

After a two-minute pause, the peel was removed from my face with a warm towel. My face immediately felt restored – although with a slight red on the cheeks and chin area. Megan then applied a moisturiser to my face and I was set to go.

That’s the magic of Dermaceutic Milk Peel. It’s quick, simple and there is little to no downtime - just perfect for the busy mom or executive lady. My office colleagues and clients also noticed my instantaneous transformation – and weeks later, my skin is still glowing, feeling more hydrated and even toned.

I found Megan very knowledgeable about the treatment. For the best results though, you will need four skin peels over a period of a few weeks. I also thoroughly enjoyed my treatment, Megan’s professionalism and found her pricing perfect - and I will definitely be visiting her soon, so watch out summer, here I come!

To find out more about the Dermaceutic Milk Peel and their other treatments, call Megan on 079 504 2163 today.


IMAGE sourced from poutperfection.com