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Great expectations at ICESA Orientation

Feb 13, 2017
Great expectations at ICESA Orientation

Great things are expected from private tertiary education institution, ICESA who held a successful two-day orientation for first, second and third year students this week. Students arrived in high volumes at ICESA’s Durban campus to get a feel of what to anticipate for the rest of the academic year.

General Manager for ICESA Durban, Neil Harilal said ICESA has a phenomenal plan for the 2017 academic year and looks forward to producing top achieving students who are able to excel in the work place.

“Orientation sets the tone for the academic year. We take students through what is expected from them for the year, we give them a rundown of their academic calendar and also speak to them about discipline which I think to a certain extent, students are aware of certain rules and regulations and tend to follow it.

"I have a great team of dedicated lecturers and a great academic manager who ensures that lecturing and teaching takes place effectively and efficiently in class. With that said, we look forward to an excellent academic year and hope to male great things happen for our students,” said Neil.

During orientation, students were seen liaising with lecturers, sorting out course packs and study material.

Second year Public Management student, Zanele Mgobhozi from KZN said she is excited to start the year. Zanele is the youngest of five siblings and said she is quite pampered by her parents who chose ICESA for her.

“I literally just told my parents I want to study public management and they decided ICESA would be the best place to do so and I believe it was the perfect choice for me. It is affordable and has a great team of academic staff who communicate well. ICESA is also private so there’s no strikes like the universities which prevents those who want to study to do so,” said Zanele.

Second year Human Resource student, Sibusiwe Nyaka (20) from Glenwood says she wants to one day become an Industrial Psychologist and believes hard work and determination will get her there.

“I know the world is a tough place and you have to work hard for everything you have and that is why I am studying at ICESA, to secure a place for my future. Studying here is great, I enjoy it. The lecturers really care about the students. They teach with passion and even if we cannot understand something, our lecturers are quick to explain it again,” said Sibusiwe.

Zanele’s friend, Mayville local and second year Public Management and Administration student, Ziphelele Hope Ngewu hopes to eventually work for the South African government.

“I want to be able to root out corruption and help the community get what they deserve. I know this will be achieved at ICESA because they care about their students. We were even given tablets that helps us to optimize our learning potential,” said Ziphelele.

Then there’s Pinetown resident and second year Business Management student, Zama Ngcebele who aspires to be a retail business owner after she qualifies. The 20-year-old who was raised by her grandmother when she was seven said she’s always dreamed of having her own business.

“I know it takes a lot to make a business work but with my dad’s financial help and the knowledge and experience gained from studying at ICESA, I know my business will work. I did my research before coming here and it was the best decision I’ve made. My lecturers are the best, they take good care of us, I enjoy every part of the classroom, I wouldn’t trade it for any other institution in the world,” said Zama.

Registration for 2017 is still open. For more information on ICESA and its course offerings visit www.icesa.co.za or call 031 307 7071.