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Great family restaurant:: Trattoria San Francesco offers excellent food

By Graeme Lund - Dec 15, 2014
Great family restaurant:: Trattoria San Francesco offers excellent food

St Francis Bay, with its long beaches, wide river estuary and beautiful suburbs, is a delightful village that offers plenty of fun for the whole family. While many of the businesses in this popular destination receive fewer visitors outside of the holiday season, one place that seems to flourish all-year-round is Trattoria San Francesco on the first floor of The Village Shopping Centre.

This eatery offers standard Italian fare in a conventional environment, but the secret of its success is that it is exceptionally well-run. Consistent good service and great food is what draws my family to the Trattoria again and again. Our kids love their pizzas and the Trattoria staff is tolerant of the children’s loud laughter and adolescent table manners as are many of the other patrons, many of them with kids of their own.

Their pizzas are cooked in gas-fired ovens, giving this classical Italian dish’s crusts a lovely crispiness. The pizzas have thin crusts, are reasonably ‘large’ and prepared from fresh and high quality ingredients. My oldest daughter loves pepperoni and says that Trattoria San Francesco has the best she’s tasted.

In addition, their pasta is tasty and well-prepared. The salads are fresh, substantial and artfully put together.

Above all, I have found Trattoria always spotlessly clean and neat. This is always a sure sign that the owners and management are proud of their establishment and go the extra step to ensure that your dining experience is good. You will never sit at a table with a dirty table cloth or an empty salt cellar.

Their wine list is relatively short and perfectly suited to Italian dishes. Trattoria San Francesco also serves great seasonal specials and these are chalked up on blackboards.

If you are a sports fan or a smoker, there is a pub next door designed to satisfy your needs.  There are also tables on the veranda for those perfect evenings or hot, sunny afternoons.

I must add, Trattoria San Francesco staff know their stuff. Polite, efficient and on the ball, their manners perfectly complemented the food they served us - we left the restaurant with a well-rounded and wholesome feeling. To top it all, the bill is always reasonable.

My family and I eat out a lot and constantly try new eating establishments but this is one restaurant to which we always return.

To try out Trattoria San Francesco, visit The Village Shopping Centre in St Francis Bay or call 042 294 0819.


Image courtesy of: www.dailymail.co.uk