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GREAT FOOD, COMFORTABLE VENUE: Chokka Block a great place for family eat outs!

GREAT FOOD, COMFORTABLE VENUE: Chokka Block a great place for family eat outs!

There are few things that are more enjoyable than entering a cosy restaurant on a cold, blustery winter evening. A roaring fire, comfortable furnishings and the delicious aroma of coffee and good food are very welcoming and the release of tension and broadening of smiles is clear evidence that the restaurant is going to be a great experience.

Chokka Block, at Upper Floor Port St. Francis is just such a place. On the evening my family and I visited this lovely restaurant, the last of the winter chill was still in the air and a cold front had brought its usual combination of strong wind and driving rain. What a pleasure it was to enter Chokka Block and be greeted by their friendly staff!

Once seated, we ordered our drinks and the youngest children gravitated to the couch that was strategically placed before a crackling fire. I found their wine list has all that is needed for a seafood meal and is one of the most reasonably priced that I have seen in a long time.

I perused the menu and noticed that Chokka Block offered a variety of meals but, clearly, seafood was their speciality. This is not surprising as the view from my adjacent window was across a fishing fleet that lay nestled in the harbour below.

My kids love prawns and calamari and so we ordered a combination of meals that included calamari, prawns, hake and muscles. While we waited for our meal to arrive, we chatted about our day and planned activities for the next day. Our waitress was attentive and helpful - and despite the inevitable confusion of orders that are the privilege of indecisive youngsters, she never failed to smile.

When our food arrived, it was to a chorus of ooohs and aaahs and it was not long before the conversation died and we were enjoying the bounty of the ocean. Chokka Block’s prawns are fantastic - and this endorsement comes from a family that are prawn connoisseurs!

It is obvious that Chokka Block know their stuff when it comes to seafood. The preparation of the food is excellent as is the presentation. The tartar sauce with simply delicious.

We later ordered ice cream and chocolate sauce for dessert and continued our plans for the next day. Watching the heaving sea and bobbing boats we were reluctant to leave the haven of Chokka Block, but with full stomachs and our beds were calling, we reluctantly left. What an enjoyable evening we had! We’ll certainly be returning soon.

To find out more, call 042 294 1615 or email [email protected] or visit https://www.facebook.com/chokkablock